Dayboro Pony Club Inc.

Dayboro Showgrounds, Mt. Mee Road, Queensland, Australia
(Zone 26 East Moreton Pony Club)


What should I wear?

For ALL PCA events, an approved helmet is mandatory. In 2017 new rules will apply so please take the time to check your helmet meets the regulations. Helmet Regulations. If you intend to ride in EA competitions you will need to check their helmet regulations too as they differ from PCAQ.

For club musters and informal competition days, (Open Sports Days, Sporting Gymkhanas) we like to see riders in cream or beige jodphurs, the maroon club polo shirt, clean riding boots and a club saddle cloth. Uniform items are available at the canteen on muster days or by contacting our secretary. Some members (especially our older members) wear their polo shirt with jeans for musters and that is fine too. PCAQ insists on ‘girths with two points of contact, so if you are using a stock saddle with a cinch system you will need to use an extra girth.

For official pony club competition days, you must wear the club’s formal uniform to compete. Our formal uniform consists of cream or beige jodphurs, a white long sleeved collared business shirt (you can get them more cheaply from Lowes or on Ebay), a maroon tie and the club saddlecloth. You can also wear (optional) a navy v-neck vest.

One Day Events and Hunter Trials require further compulsory uniforms – please check the Rule Book or speak to one of our Instructors if you are interested in participating in these.

We also have club jackets which look great and keep the white shirts clean a little longer!