Dayboro Pony Club Inc.

Dayboro Showgrounds, Mt. Mee Road, Queensland, Australia
(Zone 26 East Moreton Pony Club)


What happens on muster days?

Musters (practices) are usually held at least twice a month, weather permitting. Dates are advertised on the Calendar page.
If the muster is on Saturday it will run from 12pm til around 5pm. If it is on a Sunday it will run from 8am to around 12pm; This includes set-up and pack-up time. All participants are expected to help! Please arrive early so you can have your horse ready in time. Remember our instructors are all volunteers so please don’t leave them to set up by themselves! Once gear is set up you can get your horse and start warming up.
At the beginning of every muster we line up outside the green pony club shed for roll call and gear check. Make sure you leave about one horse’s distance for safety. An instructor will check your gear is safe and complies with PCAQ rules (you can download a Rule Book from the PCAQ web site but we can help you with anything you’re not sure of). Younger members get a mark for presentation of themselves, their horses and the cleanliness of their gear which goes towards awards at the end of the year. The instructors will split you into groups, run a warm up and then the groups all rotate through different activities for example dressage, certificate work, jumping, and gymkhana games.