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What is the Outside Assistance rule?

There are a number of rule books which apply to various competitions run by clubs in Queensland. The competition flyer will usually state whether the competition is being run under the PCAQ Rules or EA Rules. Generally, Pony Club competitions are run under PCAQ Rules.

The current rule books can be found on the PCAQ website at – Rule Books

One rule that tends to cause a bit of angst at competitions is the “Outside Assistance” rule.

Rule 7 of the General Rules (which apply to all competitions) reads as follows:-


Outside aid to a competitor during the event, whether solicited or not, will entail disqualification for the competitor.

Occurrences such as the following will be considered as outside aid:

· calling advice to a competitor, e.g. Directions – turn left at peg;

· picking up competitor’s equipment (except spectacles) and any other occurrence which in the opinion of the judge is assistance to the competitor, or is listed in the rules of the competition;

· For sporting events, no horse may be held or any outside assistance allowed after the Judge has called the rider into the starting area, except for children 8 years and under, at the discretion of the judge, and special assisted groups.

If you have any issues that arise during a competition where you’d like a rule clarified you need to raise the issue with the Technical Delegate for the event. The Technical Delegate is responsible for the technical judging of all competitions, including settling all problems which may arise during the course of an event. Please remember that all the officials at pony club competitions are unpaid volunteers, and treat them with respect. Most importantly, have fun and wear your Dayboro uniform with pride.