Dayboro Pony Club Inc.

Dayboro Showgrounds, Mt. Mee Road, Queensland, Australia
(Zone 26 East Moreton Pony Club)


How do I enter a competition?

Pony Club competitions are fun, friendly, and a great way to get more experience. Most competitions cost $15-$25 (slightly more for events with cattle and for One Day Events).
For gymkhanas, you generally pay on the day so there is usually no need to pre-nominate. Most other events require nominations in advance.

There are clothing regulations – check the What to Wear, which has links to the rule books.

Many events are using the online nomination system through My Pony Club on the PCAQ website –

If nominating through the clubs Nomination Secretary

Competitive horses need to be registered through the My Pony Club portal – riders may register more than one horse.

Show Jump/Eventing/Dressage competitors are required to have a “Competition Card” before competing at Official Events. These can be also be applied for through the My Pony Club portal.

Before attending competitions please familiarise yourself with the rules! If you have any questions come along to musters and ask as many questions as you can – that’s what musters are for!: To reduce the admin burden for clubs running competitions we send our nominations to our Nominations Secretary and EFT entry fees to  BSB 704 640 Account No: 22046241
It is essential you reference your NAME and the EVENT when you pay so our treasurer can track who has paid for what; emailing a copy of the receipt is the easiest way of ensuring she has all the required details.
Make sure you phone or email our nominations secretary to let her know about your intention to nominate at least 10 days before the advertised closing date.

PLEASE NOTE: Throughout the year more events will come online to nominate through the website – keep an eye on what’s happening on the PCAQ Homepage.
Most PCAQ events are advertised through the PCAQ Calendar