Dayboro Pony Club Inc.

Dayboro Showgrounds, Mt. Mee Road, Queensland, Australia
(Zone 26 East Moreton Pony Club)



How does pony club work?

Pony Club is a volunteer organisation run to help kids (big and small) learn to ride and be able to enjoy their horses without having to take out a second mortgage. All our instructors are volunteers, and having parents and members help set up for musters, run the canteen and take care of all the running of our competition days helps keep our fees reasonable. You don’t need any experience to help out at pony club… you can do anything from run the bbq in the canteen to paperwork to taking water to instructors and riders during musters or setting up and packing away gear.

Dayboro Showgrounds PIC

The PIC for the Dayboro Showgrounds is QAPR0388.
Please remember to record this on your Horse Movement Records.

Do I need my own horse for pony club?

Yes, you will need to buy or lease your own horse and bring it to pony club if you want to ride.

If you’re just starting out and don’t have your own horse yet, we suggest you contact a local riding instructor first. One of our volunteer instructors has some lease ponies available for more experienced riders so you might get a chance to participate in pony club even if you don’t have your own horse yet.  If you are interested in this please contact us.

Is pony club just for kids?

No, we have big kids as well as little kids at Dayboro Pony Club.  All experience levels are welcome as long as you bring your sense of fun and help out wherever you can.

There are competitions for all age groups, from under 6’s to Seniors (26 years and over).  All we ask is that you and/or your parents help out setting up and packing up after musters, and on competition days.

How much does pony club cost?

The Membership fees page has the current fees. Your membership includes all our musters (practices) which are held at least once per month (weather permitting). It also includes insurance coverage for you while riding at musters or pony club events! We don’t charge any working bee levies or muster fees at this stage.

How do I join?

Joining PCAQ, Dayboro Pony Club is now an online process.
Go to PCAQ Home and follow the prompts.

This system is new this year so please bear with us if it is taking a while; we are all still learning!

The fees for Dayboro Pony Club are:
Rider $105.00
Non-rider $35.00

A credit or debit card is required to complete the transaction.

Why do the membership fees vary from club to club?

The reason for different clubs charging different fees is how much the individual club fees are. At Dayboro, we try to keep our fees to an absolute minimum. We have built up a strong culture of everyone helping out and this enables us to function at minimum cost. We look forward to seeing all our members at as many musters and events as possible.

You are welcome to ride at musters once you have joined; members transferring from other clubs are strongly encouraged to ride at a muster at least once before competing. Dayboro values a strong team spirit.

What happens on muster days?

Musters (practices) are usually held at least twice a month, weather permitting. Dates are advertised on the Calendar page.
If the muster is on Saturday it will run from 12pm til around 5pm. If it is on a Sunday it will run from 8am to around 12pm; This includes set-up and pack-up time. All participants are expected to help! Please arrive early so you can have your horse ready in time. Remember our instructors are all volunteers so please don’t leave them to set up by themselves! Once gear is set up you can get your horse and start warming up.
At the beginning of every muster we line up outside the green pony club shed for roll call and gear check. Make sure you leave about one horse’s distance for safety. An instructor will check your gear is safe and complies with PCAQ rules (you can download a Rule Book from the PCAQ web site but we can help you with anything you’re not sure of). Younger members get a mark for presentation of themselves, their horses and the cleanliness of their gear which goes towards awards at the end of the year. The instructors will split you into groups, run a warm up and then the groups all rotate through different activities for example dressage, certificate work, jumping, and gymkhana games.

What should I wear?

For ALL PCA events, an approved helmet is mandatory. In 2017 new rules will apply so please take the time to check your helmet meets the regulations. Helmet Regulations. If you intend to ride in EA competitions you will need to check their helmet regulations too as they differ from PCAQ.

For club musters and informal competition days, (Open Sports Days, Sporting Gymkhanas) we like to see riders in cream or beige jodphurs, the maroon club polo shirt, clean riding boots and a club saddle cloth. Uniform items are available at the canteen on muster days or by contacting our secretary. Some members (especially our older members) wear their polo shirt with jeans for musters and that is fine too. PCAQ insists on ‘girths with two points of contact, so if you are using a stock saddle with a cinch system you will need to use an extra girth.

For official pony club competition days, you must wear the club’s formal uniform to compete. Our formal uniform consists of cream or beige jodphurs, a white long sleeved collared business shirt (you can get them more cheaply from Lowes or on Ebay), a maroon tie and the club saddlecloth. You can also wear (optional) a navy v-neck vest.

One Day Events and Hunter Trials require further compulsory uniforms – please check the Rule Book or speak to one of our Instructors if you are interested in participating in these.

We also have club jackets which look great and keep the white shirts clean a little longer!

How do I enter a competition?

Pony Club competitions are fun, friendly, and a great way to get more experience. Most competitions cost $15-$25 (slightly more for events with cattle and for One Day Events).
For gymkhanas, you generally pay on the day so there is usually no need to pre-nominate. Most other events require nominations in advance.

There are clothing regulations – check the What to Wear, which has links to the rule books.

Many events are using the online nomination system through My Pony Club on the PCAQ website –

If nominating through the clubs Nomination Secretary

Competitive horses need to be registered through the My Pony Club portal – riders may register more than one horse.

Show Jump/Eventing/Dressage competitors are required to have a “Competition Card” before competing at Official Events. These can be also be applied for through the My Pony Club portal.

Before attending competitions please familiarise yourself with the rules! If you have any questions come along to musters and ask as many questions as you can – that’s what musters are for!: To reduce the admin burden for clubs running competitions we send our nominations to our Nominations Secretary and EFT entry fees to  BSB 704 640 Account No: 22046241
It is essential you reference your NAME and the EVENT when you pay so our treasurer can track who has paid for what; emailing a copy of the receipt is the easiest way of ensuring she has all the required details.
Make sure you phone or email our nominations secretary to let her know about your intention to nominate at least 10 days before the advertised closing date.

PLEASE NOTE: Throughout the year more events will come online to nominate through the website – keep an eye on what’s happening on the PCAQ Homepage.
Most PCAQ events are advertised through the PCAQ Calendar

What is the Outside Assistance rule?

There are a number of rule books which apply to various competitions run by clubs in Queensland. The competition flyer will usually state whether the competition is being run under the PCAQ Rules or EA Rules. Generally, Pony Club competitions are run under PCAQ Rules.

The current rule books can be found on the PCAQ website at – Rule Books

One rule that tends to cause a bit of angst at competitions is the “Outside Assistance” rule.

Rule 7 of the General Rules (which apply to all competitions) reads as follows:-


Outside aid to a competitor during the event, whether solicited or not, will entail disqualification for the competitor.

Occurrences such as the following will be considered as outside aid:

· calling advice to a competitor, e.g. Directions – turn left at peg;

· picking up competitor’s equipment (except spectacles) and any other occurrence which in the opinion of the judge is assistance to the competitor, or is listed in the rules of the competition;

· For sporting events, no horse may be held or any outside assistance allowed after the Judge has called the rider into the starting area, except for children 8 years and under, at the discretion of the judge, and special assisted groups.

If you have any issues that arise during a competition where you’d like a rule clarified you need to raise the issue with the Technical Delegate for the event. The Technical Delegate is responsible for the technical judging of all competitions, including settling all problems which may arise during the course of an event. Please remember that all the officials at pony club competitions are unpaid volunteers, and treat them with respect. Most importantly, have fun and wear your Dayboro uniform with pride.

How are End of Year Trophies decided?

Dayboro Pony Club End of Year Trophies are awarded at the break up day each year.

Trophy Criteria